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Surprise Mount Laguna Proposal

"It all started with a weekend to ourselves. We camped in the same spot we exchanged our first "I love yous" last autumn... little did I know he had secretly reserved it for us. We spent our Saturday laughing, cooking, making popcorn in the fire, reading, and praying together.

We hiked the most beautiful hike, did henna on each other on a huge rock in a canyon, and we even rescued a bird that fell from the tree next to our tent. That night we were blessed with the opportunity to see Saturn and its rings through a ranger's giant telescope.

We also saw Jupiter and its moons and a few other star clusters and spirals. The stars shone extra bright that night because the sky was at its darkest. It was a New Moon, which is representative of the opportunity to start a powerful new cycle of positive change.

Little did I know, I was in for the most epic surprise of my life the following morning. Sunday morning we headed out for a hike.

It was a trail through a beautiful open-wide meadow, and during the hike we started reminiscing on the synchronistic events of how we met. At one point he asked me how sure I was of "us". In my usual hard-to-get flirtatious attitude I said, "90%". He laughed and told me that even when my attitude makes him mad, that his commitment will always, ALWAYS be 100%, and that was the last thing he said to me before we walked up the hill and my eyes were met by this enchanting altar and the words "Will you Marry Me?".

I thought in my head, "Wow, whoever this is for is SO LUCKY!" Until I turned around and he was on one knee with tears in his eyes. He said, "I love you, will you marry me?"

I turned around and saw all our friends and family pop out from behind a log and I was officially on a love-high.

My [sisters] rushed to my aid to get me out of my hiking clothes and quickly dressed me for the occasion. Meanwhile there was the most romantic playlist playing in the background while everyone laughed and cried and drank mimosas.

Finally, we all gathered in a circle for a beautiful prayer and each person took their turn to share the beauty they've witnessed blossom through this relationship. Many tears (and many mimosas) later, everyone trickled off one by one until me and my fiance were alone in the woods with all of this beauty and love surrounding us.

We felt truly blessed to be witnesses of God's goodness on that day. Still can't stop crying! Love Wins!!!"

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